All Four Sixes Ribeye steaks are steakhouse trimmed. We take careful steps to remove undesirable portions of the steak, resulting in a tender and flavorful bite, every time.

Quality for Every Occasion

Our two beef programs can direct you to the marbling, juiciness and flavor you’re looking for. For that extra fine, tender steakhouse feel, Four Sixes Black Label will deliver. If it’s an elevation of everyday grilling you’re after, Four Sixes Reserve has you covered.

Four Sixes Ranch Reserve Quality Seal
USDA Prime,
USDA Certified Very Tender

Four Sixes Ranch Reserve Quality Seal
USDA Choice,
USDA Certified Tender

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Black Label Steak

For a center-of-plate dish to be proud to serve, we are pleased to present our Black Label line of beef steaks. USDA Prime Graded and USDA Certified Very Tender, the Black Label steaks bring the perfect mix of marbling, flavor and tenderness.

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Reserve Steak

The Four Sixes Ranch Reserve line of steaks is comprised of top-tier USDA Choice beef and is USDA Certified Tender. Carefully butchered to steakhouse specifications, the Reserve line is designed to elevate your beef experience.