Four Sixes® Ranch Brand Beef

We are proud to offer Four Sixes Ranch Beef. Our beef is sourced from a network of ranches, including our own, that meet robust grading, marbling and tenderness qualifications.

The Four Sixes Ranch is the exclusive online retailer of USDA Certified Tender or Very Tender beef. Explore our options below.

Four Sixes Ranch Reserve Quality Seal
USDA Prime,
USDA Certified Very Tender

Four Sixes Ranch Reserve Quality Seal
USDA Choice,
USDA Certified Tender

Our Offerings
Classic, Versatile Steak and Burger

If it’s an occasion, it calls for beef. We offer three classic steak cuts, along with Ground Prime Rib. Whether you’re celebrating a milestone or just celebrating lunch, we have you covered.

Four Sixes® Black Label Beef Ribeye SteakFour Sixes® Black Label Beef Tenderloin SteakFour Sixes® Black Label Beef Striploin Steak


Black Label Steaks

For a center-of-plate dish to be proud to serve, we are pleased to present our Black Label line of beef steaks. USDA Prime Graded and USDA Certified Very Tender, the Black Label steaks bring the perfect mix of marbling, flavor and tenderness.

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Four Sixes® Reserve Beef Ribeye SteakFour Sixes® Reserve Beef Tenderloin SteakFour Sixes® Reserve Beef Striploin Steak

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Reserve Steaks

The Four Sixes Ranch Reserve line of steaks is comprised of top-tier USDA Choice beef and is USDA Certified Tender. Carefully butchered to steakhouse specifications, the Reserve line is designed to elevate your beef experience.

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Old West, Modern Methods

We’ve been producing quality beef for more than 150 years. That’s eight generations of accumulated ranching wisdom. We keep what’s tried and true. And we try what’s new and better.

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