6666-Branded Cowhide
6666-Branded Cowhide

6666-Branded Cowhide

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Tradition Lives Here.

Our 100% authentic 6666 Ranch cowhides are branded with the traditional 6666 mark and are the perfect complement to any room. They are extremely rugged and versatile and can be featured in a variety of ways, including a rug, wall hanging or simple throw.

6666 Ranch cowhides are not available for sale on other websites. Quantity is limited. Order now before they sell out.

  • 100% authentic 6666 Ranch cowhide, with the 6666 brand*
  • Hides are hand selected and hand crafted
  • Naturally stain resistant and easy to clean
  • Each 6666-branded cowhide is unique, including the appearance of the 6666-branding, color, pattern, and size*
  • Approximate size is 85” tall by 80” wide

Not available for subscriptions. To ensure the freshest and highest quality beef experience, the 6666-branded cowhide may ship and arrive separately from any beef you purchase.

*The appearance of the 6666-branding varies from cowhide to cowhide, due to hair growth after the brand has been applied. The color of each hide may also vary; however, most hides are black. You may notice slight accents of other colors like white or brown. Some hides may have slight visible ‘imperfections’ such as holes or scratches. These marks represent events throughout the life of the cattle and are a normal occurrence on full, uncut cowhides. The size and the pattern of the hide will also vary slightly.


Please reach out to (800) 423-2362 or email us at support@6666steak.com